You have a problem with mice and you don’t know what to choose: glue trap, snap trap, live catch, bait with rat poison? Or do you want to try using the modern ultrasonic wave method that chases away mice? There are many products for controlling mice. But one thing you should know from the beginning: there is no bait or trap that can catch mice with 100% certainty. However, it remains important to have a guarantee to get rid of them. Not infrequently, advertised products do not achieve what has been promised with advertising. The result: waste of money and what is sometimes even worse, the precious time lost because mice proliferate quickly and have evolved in a very short time, causing an invasion of mice in the house. Below we give you an overview of various products to eliminate mice. Here is what is meant by products such as rat trap, rat poison, rat bait, live rat traps or ultrasound.

Mouse bait and rat poison

Mouse poison is one of the products largely used as edible bait and is contained in special containers. It is usually a finished bait that adapts to the environment and does not lose its substance and its effectiveness in bad environmental conditions. Mouse poison can also be used as mixed bait, i.e. poisons of various types are mixed together, each of which contains a food taste particularly attractive to the mouse.

Many of the rat poison products available on the market contain an anticoagulant as an active ingredient. In order to eliminate mice, it is necessary to choose a poison that will kill them by dehydrating them. In doing so, the mouse will tend to move away from the building in search of water where it will die.

You have to be very careful because the rodenticide poison is toxic and dangerous not only for mice but also for larger animals and humans. Dogs and cats unfortunately risk coming into contact unintentionally and die if they are not caught in time with a detoxification prophylaxis carried out by the veterinarian. In addition, some rodents in recent years are developing a strong resistance to these poisons which makes them completely harmless.

Instead of experimenting with rat poison and causing serious damage, Rentokil recommends relying on a pest control professional to deal with a rat problem.

Mouse trap

Different mouse traps can be found in the market: from those that capture live mice to those that kill them. The goal of every mousetrap, however, is always this: to catch the mouse – both dead and alive. With mousetraps you can also be sure that you have physically eliminated the mouse, whereas with poison you can only confirm this once the body has been found.

The traps are of various types: bait, spring trap, snap trap, glue trap. You have to be very careful when handling these traps because mice recognize the human smell. Never directly touch the food used as bait. Another advice is to place the traps along the path that the mouse is used to make.

Mouse traps are not 100% safe and are usually not suitable for removing an acute infestation of mice. Rentokil therefore recommends professional deratization.

Ultrasound for mice

There are products on the market that should help keep mice away, through the use of ultrasound. They are special electronic equipment capable of generating particular acoustic waves that are not audible to humans because they have frequencies above 20,000 Hertz.

These frequencies are generated by an amplifier through the emission of electrical impulses of variable frequencies that cause the formation of acoustic waves called ultrasounds. The ultrasounds generate in rodents like mice and rats a real psychophysical stress that forces them to move away.

However, various scientific studies have clearly shown that there is no causal relationship between the use of such ultrasound equipment and the success of a deterrent. So the question that arises is: save the investment in ultrasound against mice? Your money is better invested in products such as rat trap and rat poison. Best of all: rely on Rentokil pest control experts, so you can be sure that the mouse problem is solved quickly and effectively.

Don’t waste your time and waste money on non-professional DIY products whose effectiveness is also to question the number of home remedies that should act against mice. Rather trust a professional who has successfully fought mice every day for over 90 years: click here to discover the deratization services offered by Rentokil.

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