There are several natural remedies for mosquito bites, without the need to use ointments and creams in pharmacies, which contain various chemicals. Just rely on Nature and do-it-yourself!

In addition to bees, wasps and bumblebees, the insects that literally hunt us in the summer both during the day and at night are definitely mosquitoes, so you need to keep some natural remedies for mosquito bites at hand.

However, it is mainly in summer that mosquitoes torment us, making our nights sleepless and studding our skin with itchy and reddish ponfi which, in the most serious cases, can cause violent allergic reactions to histamine, the chemical that the insect injects through the sting.

Generally, before resorting to the use of chemicals of dubious efficacy, we can rely on natural remedies for mosquito bites which, besides relieving the annoyances of the bites, are also cheap and non-polluting. In most cases, in fact, everything we need is already at hand, in the pantry or in the fridge. So let’s see some practical advice on what to do (and what not to do) to keep the mosquitoes away and take care of the bites in the best and natural way.

Natural remedies for mosquito bites: products found in the home

Ice. Pressing the puncture with an ice cube helps to deflate, calm and anesthetize the injured party. The vasoconstrictive action of the cold will give us more than immediate relief and limit the itching!

Sodium bicarbonate. Among the thousand uses of bicarbonate of soda is also this. Dissolve a spoonful of it in a little water and stir until you obtain a compound that can be spread directly on the skin; alternatively, you can use it in the same way as simple salt.

Potassium alum. A little-known natural remedy is potassium alum, which has healing and antibacterial properties. This mineral also has a refreshing action, in fact it is widely used as a post-shower deodorant simply by passing it under the armpits (read: how to make a natural and ecological aftershave), and therefore also useful as a remedy to soothe the discomfort caused by mosquito bites.

Saliva. In the absence of anything else, just in the most extreme cases, a ‘last minute’ remedy is saliva, useful to alleviate the immediate itching and burning.

Onion and garlic. These are perhaps the natural remedies for the most ancient mosquito bites that popular wisdom has passed down from generation to generation. Garlic relieves the irritation caused by the bite and habitually eaten seems to be able to keep away mosquitoes and prevent irritation; the onion applied directly on the skin is able to make the itching disappear immediately. Grandmother’s remedies, in short, perhaps a little smelly but certainly effective…

Natural remedies for mosquito bites: plants and essential oils

Lemon. To disinfect the area affected by the puncture we can use a slice of lemon to apply directly on the skin or a cotton ball soaked in freshly squeezed juice, after rinsing the part with fresh water. The lemon soothes the burning, calms the symptoms of inflammation and also tones the skin.

Plantain. First clean with fresh water, then apply fresh plantain juice, which is an effective decongestant, or carrot or parsley juice.

Mint. Refreshing and effective to calm itching, menthol is a healthy touch in case of mosquito bites. Use a few fresh, ground leaves in the form of essential oil or even toothpaste: mint is an excellent ally to reduce the burning but also to keep mosquitoes away from our skin.

Honey. It is a natural antibiotic with a thousand virtues, including the ability to perform an antiseptic and antibacterial action. Applied directly to the skin, honey promotes natural tissue regeneration and fights infections.

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Aloe. Aloe vera was certainly not to be missed given its well-known soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Cut the tip of a leaf and rub directly on the epidermis. Also excellent in case of stings of wasps, hornets, bees or in case of mild burns and scalds.

Essential oils. Aromatherapy also suggests applying – several times a day, when the discomfort is felt – tablets soaked with essential oils. The choice of essences is quite wide because camphor, tea tree, bergamot, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender and red thyme are equally effective.

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In addition to these simple natural remedies for mosquito bites, remember that scratching is the worst mistake you can make. However uncontrollable, try to resist instinct so as not to make the situation even worse. During the day you prefer light clothes and colors to wear, black, red and dark colors seem to attract mosquitoes. It is very important not to apply lotions, sprays and anti-mosquito creams to wounds or bites, as well as ammonia which can cause real burns on the skin.

We hope we have given you some suggestions to fight the annoying mosquito bites without always having to resort to chemistry!

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